Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Illustration 4- Sprout House Logo Final

Illustration 4- Sprout House Logo Process

This is the process I went through for designing and choosing my logo for the company logo project in Illustration 4. I explored a couple different designs like the chair and the square house design before going back to my original sketches and trying the circular house design. The whole process was done in Adobe Illustrator which made it easy to branch off and explore different designs. The final page is my final design choices.

Typographic Broadside

These are my two posters advertising the Egyptian typeface Rockwell. I had wanted to work with a mustardy yellow color but that transformed into a construction orange which I find very striking in this piece. I experimented with outlines, especially the off centered ones that you sometimes see in traditional prints. The skyline is the city of New Haven, CT, the home town of the creator of the text Franklin Pierpont. I feel that overall this project was very successful.