Sunday, October 13, 2013

the finished as far as possible midterm project here. after the horrendous incident of losing my wallet im glad i could function long enough to do this without disintegrating into a worthless blob of fetal position. too much freedom on this project left me with nothing to think of and the lack of planning made this a kind of free for all. so atleast it has animation. thinking about it now i should have just done it in toonboom but i think i had to prove to myself first that i could actually do it first before managing anything else.
i do call this one the bird man walk. pretty basic still for an animation even with the addition of arms.
its missing some in-betweens but thats okay. the basic motion is based off of a jogging woman reference from youtube. glad i could pull this off. im really proud of the jump.
the infamous ball bounce. kind of unconvincing on my part but it did teach me to follow directions and read about what im doing before i do it.
my first walking animation (i think). arms complicated the procedure so i left them out but i do think that the body does show a convincing walking motion. im glad that my model is on target for most of this animation. no wibbly wooblies.