Sunday, October 13, 2013

the finished as far as possible midterm project here. after the horrendous incident of losing my wallet im glad i could function long enough to do this without disintegrating into a worthless blob of fetal position. too much freedom on this project left me with nothing to think of and the lack of planning made this a kind of free for all. so atleast it has animation. thinking about it now i should have just done it in toonboom but i think i had to prove to myself first that i could actually do it first before managing anything else.
i do call this one the bird man walk. pretty basic still for an animation even with the addition of arms.
its missing some in-betweens but thats okay. the basic motion is based off of a jogging woman reference from youtube. glad i could pull this off. im really proud of the jump.
the infamous ball bounce. kind of unconvincing on my part but it did teach me to follow directions and read about what im doing before i do it.
my first walking animation (i think). arms complicated the procedure so i left them out but i do think that the body does show a convincing walking motion. im glad that my model is on target for most of this animation. no wibbly wooblies.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Digital Foundation- Dada

This piece is about Dadaism and is based off of the Dada Manifesto. This project taught us how to make spreads in InDesign and to apply text in a non grid format to give the text more meaning. I chose a poem I had recommended to me off the internet, the original poem format is used as a textural background beneath the edited text. I found it really interesting to manipulate the text boxes and font size and color.

Digital Foundations- Editorial Spread

This is an editorial spread we made in Adobe illustrator, this project taught us how to use the pen tool and clipping mask on imported pictures. This spread was supposed to be about the general topic of leaves so I made mine like a children's magazine. It's a story about a green leaf that has a fun fall day even though he doesn't change color (or atleast that is what I am trying to imply through pictures). with the pen tool I was able to draw faces and childlike expressions. I'm pretty happy with this.

Digital Foundations- Photoshop practice

This was a project for Photoshop. It's based off of a line drawing from highschool that I had done, I chose just the right half of the picture to color in. It is obviously marshmallows having a snow day. The use of pen tools was an interesting experience but completely fullfilling because I had never colored the image after I drew it and this gave me a way to do that without having to change the original.

Digital Foundation- Typography

These are examples of playing with text in regards to location, size, spacing, etc. Each phrase was meant to be changed so that it visually represented itself. I really enjoyed this project and I'm happy with how the last one turned out. Yeah.

Digital Foundation- Egon Schilele

This image is a simplified remake of an Egon Schiele work. The goal of this assignment was to reconstruct the image with vector shapes with an attention to movement and weight as well as to explore the basic applications of Adobe Illustrator. Im very satisfied with this especially since its my first digital work. This piece was completed in early Spring 2013.

A little about me :)

I'm Anna, and current student at Memphis College of Art. Having just completed my freshman year, this blog is to represent my progress and work in Digital Foundations. I am mainly a traditional artist meaning that most of my art is done dry or wet media like charcoal, pastels, watercolor, etc. I often work with patterns and simplifications, giving my art a whimsical and straight forward look. My current goal is to illustrate for children or children's books, or go into animation. My biggest artist influence right now is Hayao Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli. I am awed by the fantastic and lush worlds portrayed in many of his movies.